Project Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020


EVC1000 project is structured in 5 phases which focus on in-wheel drivetrain layouts, as well as a wheel-centric integrated propulsion system and EV manager.

More specifically, the phases relate to the following aspects:   

  • New components for in-wheel powertrains:
    • Efficient, scalable, reliable, low-cost and production-ready in-wheel motors, suitable for a wide range of torque and power specifications;
    • Dual inverters for in-wheel motor axles based on Silicon Carbide technology. The designs will include detailed consideration and measurement of the electro-magnetic compatibility aspects, as well as the implementation of model-predictive health monitoring techniques of the electronic components.
  • New components for electrified chassis control with in-wheel motors:
    • Brake-by-wire system for seamless brake blending, high regeneration capability and enhanced anti-lock braking system control performance;
    • Electro-magnetic active suspension actuators, targeting increased comfort and electric vehicle efficiency.
  • Controllers for the novel EVC1000 components, exploiting the benefits of functional integration, vehicle connectivity and driving automation for advanced energy management.

Project Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020

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